Our mission is to enable farmers and marketgardeners to take up the role which they played for millennia. Not out of nostalgia but for future’s sake. For that purpose on many locations open pollinated varieties have to be cultivated on the fields again.

In surroundings that are in various ways stressful for man, good nutrition is more than ever of vital importance. Open pollinated varieties carry this in themselves. The best option by far to realise this is when farmers and marketgardeners procure their own seeds.

However the infrastructure needed for this in the way of know-how, practical structure and skills have vanished extensively. For the time being a second best option is: to make available seeds that have been selected, maintained and propagated in similar circumstances -that is in an agrarian setting and under biodynamic conditions.

De Beersche Hoeve is member of a network of biodynamic farms that focus themselves on this development in future. This network started off in Germany 25 years ago under the name of’” Initiativkreis”(initiative circle). From this sprang two organisations : Bingenheimer Saatgut AG being tradeorganisation and Kultursaat e.V. being a society of breeders of vegetables researching new plant-friendly plantbreeding technologys.